Monday, June 8, 2009

Editor Craving - Diana Carlile - The Wilder Roses

The Editor – The wielder of the dreaded rejection letter, but also the maker of an author’s dreams and she holds the weapon that is the red pen.

We all know that in order to take our writing from a good story to a published book, we need an editor. But who is she exactly and what does she do?

Today, to satisfy our editor cravings, we have The Wild Rose Press, Scarlet Rose, Senior Editor Diana Carlile in the hot seat.

Diana is my editor and I can tell you, she wields her red pen and creates magic with my words. She is also Liza and Desiree's editor so we are very excited to have her here today.

Diana, thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with us today.

Thanks for having me, KyAnn.

Tell us about the Wild Rose Press or The Wilder Roses to be exact.

I see on the Wilder Roses website that the Scarlet Rose line publishes many genres. As the senior editor, you must watch for what will work in the ever-changing erotic market. Are you looking for anything specific now? And do you have particular personal preferences?

Well, I love a good m/f/m ménage. Cowboys are always hot. I’d like to see more interracial (African American males would be nice) submissions and of course, a ménage with two delicious men catering to one lucky woman is welcome. Also futuristic/fantasies. And did I mention ménage?

What do you think about the current erotic historical market? What time periods or settings are you looking for?

Regency is a great era, but we also see a lot of Scottish medieval. Westerns are on the rise. My guess is that cowboys, both past and present, know how to give a gal a wild ride. Any historic time period works for us, but I believe the above mentioned are the most popular.

The Wilder Roses publishes several popular series. Can you tell us about Destination Pleasure?

These are Rosette length stories (7500 to 20,000 words) in which an American heroine is on vacation or working in a foreign country and encounters erotic pleasure with a hot foreign hero. The hero can be American but with ties to the destination.

And the Cougar Club?

Titles of all length accepted should contain the theme of older woman/younger man. The age difference must be within fifteen years.

How many books do you publish per month?

We publish one title per week every Friday. Holiday titles release on Wednesdays.

Is there any story line that you feel has been over written? A story that you don’t want to see again because you’ve already had ten cross your desk this month written about the same thing.

I love all types of stories, but the heroine who is an author or photographer, which allows her the freedom to go anywhere and settle with the hero anywhere has become too convenient. That doesn’t mean I would reject a great story simply because the heroine is an author/reporter/etc. I’d just prefer the conflict that comes with a profession that might make it more difficult for the h/h to stay together.

Is there any advice you can give to a new author looking to publish with The Wild Rose Press?

Make sure your manuscript has been proofed, run a spell check, and check the Wild Rose Press submission guidelines for the line you are targeting.
(submission guidelines)
For Scarlet, make sure you write a romance with highly erotic sex scenes. Be aware there is a difference between erotic romance and erotica. If you aren’t sure what that means, you can check out our Scarlet Free Reads in the Wilder Rose Bookstore.

Thank you for stopping by today, Diana. Now let’s go grab a cyber cocktail.

And if anyone would like to share sexy male cock-tales. Stop by for Friday night cock-tales.


Donna Marie Rogers said...

Hi Diana! It's hard to believe my last scarlet title released a year and a half ago! I think I'm due to submit something to you...and it looks like it'll be a menage...LOL Now that my three year run as conference chair for WisRWA is over I plan to write my tushy off! And I miss your red pen; you are truly an amazing editor. :-)

Thank you for joining us today!

Desiree Holt said...

Hey Diana! I just have to say how honored I am to be a Scarlet Rose and tell everyone that Diana is truly an outstanding editor. She maked my manuscripts sing loud and clear and has an excellebnt vision of what will sell. If you are lucky enough to have her contract your submission, prepare to learn what really makes a book sell. she's the tops. OOps! Better get back to my latest revisions! He he he!

Diana said...

Hi Liza! I'm glad you're going to pen something for me. I thought I was going to have to crack the whip!

Diana said...

Hi Desiree, You're sweet to give me praise, but you guys do all the work! So keep 'em, the manuscripts and the characters.

KyAnn said...

Hey now, if you are taking out the whip, I think it's only right for you to disipline those more me.

Liza, you need to show proper submission to the wielder of the whip first.

Eliza March said...

Hi Diana,
I'm excited to be a new Scarlet Rose with The Wild Rose Press. I agree, you do pull the best out of your authors!

Helen Hardt said...

Hi ladies -- I have to agree, Diana. You're an amazing editor. You know exactly how to extract every ounce of heat from each word until it's absolutely dripping from the page! It's a pleasure working with you. So you want more menages, huh? Okay, creative juices are flowing ;).


Catherine Bybee said...

Oh no, Helen's juices are flowing.. We're in for it now.
*waving to all.
Hello to Diana. I know you've read my work, but I don't think you and I have ever spoke one on one. So hi...

So does the cyber whip buzz or sting? LOL

Cari Quinn said...

Great new blog and great post! Diana, my CP has worked with you in the past and raves about your skills, so I hope the story I intend to submit soon is right up your alley. And I'm now working on a m/f/m vampire menage, so I'll definitely keep you in mind for that, as well. :)

Diana said...

Now, now, ladies, have enough strength to weild many lashes. And KyAnn does love the whip.

Diana said...

Eliza, good to see you.

Helen, careful now with those creative juices--especially when dealing with two hotties at once.

Catherine, don't worry, it only stings for a minute!

Ooh, Cari, I'm licking my lips just thinking about a threesome of vamps.

You ladies have fun. I'm off to read something steamy!

Emma Lai said...

Great information, ladies!